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Pet Care Tips for the Winter Season

You know that another season is coming when the leaves start falling off the trees. Winter is fast approaching when you notice these things. Soon, snow will reach the ground and you will notice a drop in temperature if you are that part of the world that experiences these things. When winter comes, your pet dogs and cats also know and feel it. With shorter daylight, pets act in the same way as humans and make sure to get their winter coats ready. Nonetheless, there are a few misconceptions that pet owners make. One such example is some dog owners that leave their pets outdoors for a longer time still, assuming that pets can adapt to the changing seasons. You can’t expect pets to be this adaptable, most especially domesticated pets. They cannot adapt easily like wild animals because they are used to living outdoors like you. Below are some useful winter pet care pointers for you and other pet owners out there.

Bringing your pet to your veterinarian before winter begins is one of the few things that you should remember as a pet owner. You need to do this to make sure that your pet has good health. Older dogs like older people get sick easily during the winter season. If your pet suffers from diabetes, arthritis, or heart problems, you have to get them checked up.

When temperatures go down, assess your pet cat or dog carefully. For this purpose, it would be a great idea to stay outdoors with them. Your cat and dog gets cold as well when you feel the cold outside. It would be best to take your pet back inside when this happens.

Take the time to be vigilant of winter hazards. When your house is found near lakes or ponds, keep your pets as far away from the ice as possible. The thickness of the ice is something you can never be sure. When your dog happens to fall in, it might have difficulties getting out. You should stay outside with your pet if you live near water. Make sure to be extra careful when you live near a forest or woods where hazards might be covered in snow that they cannot see.

Make sure to keep an eye out for any presence of antifreeze. Dogs are attracted to the smell and often drink it if they find it. Antifreeze is very poisonous and will kill your dog when they get a taste of it. If you find any spills from your antifreeze, make sure to change it. If dogs cannot access clean water that is not frozen, they will be desperate to drink whatever they can find. Your dog may drink gutter water that has household hazardous waste like oil and antifreeze.

And last, give your dog a nice warm shelter outside if you need to keep them out for any length of time.
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