The Possibility of Finding Accounting and Finance Jobs in St. Louis Law Firms

Just as all lawyers don’t work in law firms or in solo private practice, not all accountants work in an accounting firm or run their own business to serve individuals and businesses. Some lawyers actually work for accounting and finance firms, and some accountants work for large law firms. To find these types of accounting and finance jobs St. Louis residents may want to register with a specialty recruiting agency.

Accountants and Controllers

A large law firm may be looking for a person with a bachelor’s degree in accounting to handle all their accounts payable and receivable, and also to manage the payroll. Some are looking for candidates with several years of experience to become a corporate controller. The controller is responsible for all of those tasks as well as making sure the company remains compliant with all tax laws. A controller also drafts financial statements and works on the company’s budget.

These employees can help law firms become more efficient with their spending and even determine some effective ways to boost revenue. They are able to spot problem areas with the finances that the named partners do not notice, since their focus is elsewhere. There is much more to a healthy financial system in this field than racking up billable hours.

Higher-Level Positions

Men and women with more extensive experience may be qualified for consideration as the chief financial officer or an assistant chief financial officer. In fact, a law firm that is growing rapidly may need to hire one or more staff accountants, a controller and an assistant chief financial officer all at the same time. These jobs might be posted with an agency like Accounting Career Consultants.

Higher-level positions may open up because the person currently in that job may be retiring or looking to move up the corporate ladder. Some may have decided they want a change of work environment after many years in a law-based company. Potential candidates for these kinds of positions will want to take their time deciding on the right company and the salary they expect. Commonly, men and women hold these jobs for many years.